Visualization Hall of Fame

This page is here to show you what's possible with the Interactive Chart API. This page is not for demonstrating new types of visualizations, but for showing interesting ways of using visualizations posted in our gallery.


Battlefield Reenactment

A demonstration of animating a motion chart to reflect physical location over time. And a guaranteed technique for vanquishing a horde of orcs and trolls.


Singapore Train Disruptions

A bubblechart timeline of train service disruptions in Singapore. This chart retrieves data from a Google spreadsheet via a SQL query and uses five sliders to control which data are displayed. Original version here.

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I Want to Submit a Visualization!

We're looking for interesting visualizations from you! If you have a visualization that demonstrates an interesting feature or data, a nice design, or uses the API in a way that's new or exciting, send it to us! If we like it, we'll post it to this page.

To submit a chart, send mail to with the following information:

  • The full code for your visualization,
  • Your name, as you want it to appear on the web site,
  • A link to your site or an email address, if you'd like to include it, and
  • A description of the visualization: that is, what it shows, and why it's special.

Note that by submitting a visualization you allow us to publish and modify it (for size, appearance, or maybe because we know of a neat trick to simplify the URL). Happy coding!