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Developer Resources

Here you can download the APIs that will enable your application to cast content to a large display connected to a Google Cast receiver device. You can also download various sample apps, listed below, to help you get started.

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API libraries

The Google Cast SDK and API libraries support the development of Android, iOS, and Chrome sender applications, and the development of receiver applications in JavaScript - written for the Chrome browser.

Terms of service

By accessing the download links below, you indicate that you have read and accepted Google Cast SDK Additional Developer Terms of Service.

Sender API libraries

iOS Sender API

To set up your iOS project, download the iOS Sender API libraries.

  • Supports iOS version 6 and later
  • Add the SDK as a linked library, not as an embedded binary

    See Xcode setup.

You can also install the iOS Sender API libraries via Cocoapods.

  • Install the Cocoapods binary, as explained in Getting Started. The library is called google-cast-sdk.
  • Set up your XCode project to use the Google Cast SDK pod, as described in Using CocoaPods.

Android Sender API

To set up your Android project, you need to:

Chrome Sender API

To use the Chrome Sender API, include in your Chrome page. The API requires Chrome version 32 or later and the Cast Extension version or later.

Receiver API library

The receiver API is available from the receiver application once you register your receiver(s) and device(s) for development. To use the API, include in your receiver application.

Cast Icons

Download the Cast Icons for Android, iOS, and Chrome.

This file includes both bitmaps and vectors for the icons. These are also included with the Android v7 mediarouter library.

Reference apps

The reference apps listed here are those that comply with the Google Cast Design Checklist and follow Google Cast development best practices. Use these apps as a starting point when developing your app for Google Cast.

Name Description Android iOS Chrome Receiver MPL
CastVideos-android Design Checklist compliant Android sender to Cast videos.
CastVideos-ios Design Checklist compliant iOS sender to Cast videos.
CastVideos-chrome Design Checklist compliant Chrome sender to Cast videos.
Cast-Player-Sample Design Checklist compliant receiver.

Other sample apps

Here are some additional sample apps that demonstrate the Google Cast SDK. Also, the Android SDK includes 2 samples apps under Google Play services in extras.

Name Description Android iOS Chrome Receiver MPL
CastCompanionLibrary-android Android library project for adding Cast features to existing apps.
HelloText-Android Android sender application to send and receive text messages.
HelloText-ios iOS sender application to send and receive text messages.
HelloText-Chrome Chrome sender application to send and receive text messages.
hello-cast-video-ios Basic iOS sender application to cast a Video.
CastMedia-chrome Chrome sender to Cast various media.
CastHelloVideo-chrome Basic Chrome sender application to cast a Video.
cast-sender-tool-sample Basic Chrome sender for videos.
CastMediaPlayerStreamingDRM Chrome sender to play adaptive and DRM video streams.
Cast-Simple-Receiver Basic custom receiver.
cast-custom-receiver-sample Custom receiver to play media.
cast-chrome-tictactoe Chrome sender for TicTacToe game.
TicTacToe Receiver Receiver for TicTacToe game.
CastVideoLooping-receiver Receiver to loop a single video using MSE.
Cast-Media-Player-Library-Sample Receiver on how to use the MPL.
CastPresentation-Android Android sender on how to use the Android Presentation API with Google Cast devices.
Closed Captioning Controlling closed captioning with a custom namespace channel.
CastVideosPlaylist-chrome How to cast a video playlist using a custom namespace channel.
MediaRouter Android sender shows different ways to use the Media Router to display the Cast button.
cast-support-media-server Basic web server with CORS configured to host media files.