Manage brands with agents

An agent is a conversational representation of a brand (and all the infrastructure that powers the representation) that users interact with on their devices.

As a registered partner you can create Verified SMS agents, which let you use the Verified SMS API and define the branding information displayed in conversations with users. When you store message hashes with Verified SMS, you call the API and associate the message with a particular agent.

For example, to send verified messages on behalf of the brand Growing Tree Bank, you create a Growing Tree Bank agent with Verified SMS. You use your partner credentials to authenticate API calls with Verified SMS and store message hashes as Growing Tree Bank, and the agent displays Growing Tree Bank's branding information in conversations with users.

A verified SMS with branding information

If you manage multiple brands, create an agent for each brand with Verified SMS.

Create an agent

To create an agent, you need to gather and submit information about the brand and how you want the agent to appear to users.


Before you can create an agent, you need to gather the some information:

  • Partner name
  • Partner ID
  • Brand name
  • Brand website
  • Agent name, as you want it to appear in conversations with users (maximum 40 characters)
  • Agent logo (224x224 px), as a publicly available URL

    In a conversations, logos display as 224 px diameter circles. Make sure that your logo displays well as a circle.

  • List of unique, non-shared sender IDs (short, long, and alphanumeric codes) and the ISO 3166 Alpha-2 country codes for the countries that each sender ID operates in

  • Email for technical point of contact

Submit agent information

Once you've gathered your information, fill out the following form. After you submit the form, it can take up to three business days to create a new agent.


Verified SMS agents can have sender IDs in multiple countries, but agents' branding information, including agent name and description, isn't localized.

To have localized branding information for your agent, create an agent for each language you send messages in. Localize the agent name and agent description, but specify the same non-localized brand name for each agent. If you have unique sender IDs per language, make sure to associate them with the correct localized agents.

By default, Verified SMS contacts a brand to perform branding verification each time you create an agent. If you anticipate creating multiple localized agents and would prefer Google to contact the brand once for bulk branding verification, contact us.

Update agent information

To update the details of an agent, contact us. Identify the agent and the information that you want to update, including the new values. After you submit the new information, it can take up to three business days to update the agent information.

Next steps

Before you begin storing message hashes with Verified SMS,

Once you've done that, you're ready to send a verified message.