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Set up a test device

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Currently, not all Android devices can receive verified calls. By configuring your test device with a test version of the Phone app, you can use your device to receive verified calls and test your agent.


Before you get started, you need an Android device with Android Oreo version 8.0 or above and the latest Google Phone app.

Get the app

You can download the Phone app with Verified Calls features by signing up to be a tester.

  1. Navigate to the Phone app tester opt-in page.
  2. Tap Become a tester.
  3. Navigate to the Phone app on the Play Store.
  4. Install or upgrade the app.
  5. Verify that you've received the tester version by tapping the Phone app icon for 2 seconds -> (i) -> advanced. Scroll down and check that the app version number ends with "publicbeta" or "put". If it doesn't please uninstall the app and repeat the previous steps.
  6. Make sure your Google Play Services are up to date.

Enable the feature

  1. Open the Phone app, navigate to settings -> Spam and Call Screen, and enable Verified calls.
  2. If you see a prompt to add your phone number to your Google Account, accept it.
  3. Open your Android device settings and navigate to Google settings -> Data & messaging -> Device phone number.
  4. If you can see your phone number, proceed to the next step. Otherwise, please email businesscalls-support@google.com so we can help you associate your phone number with the device.

Next steps

Now that you have the Phone app installed on your test device, it's time to place a verified call to a test device in order to verify your agent's functionality.