Office Hours: Aug 24, 2021

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If you are using Business Messages on our customers website and not on the Google Search listings, is having a live agent a requirement?

No. The only place a live agent is required is to launch your agents to a Google entry point.

Why am I receiving messages multiple times and sometimes delayed across other agents?

You must ACK messages with a 2XX status code to confirm receipt of the message. Business Messages will otherwise queue the message for redelivery to your webhook.

Is the Google My Business API needed for Business Messages?

You don't need the Google My Business API to use Business Messages. It is helpful however to use the Google My Business API to fetch a list of locations you want to bring into Business Messages.

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What's new?

Coming soon: Bot message feedback


  • Get insights into how your messages are performing.
  • Configure negative response feedback within the Agent configuration!

Coming soon: Dialogflow ES Custom Intents


  • Build out your intents in Dialogflow ES and produce rich responses with JSON Payloads.
  • Use Dialogflow's intents to create complex user journeys for Business Messages.
  • Open for early access. Contact
  • You will soon be able to launch Business Messages agents without a logo!


Partner Logo Updates

  • Have your logo added to the Business Messages Partner page if you've launched a 3P agent!
  • This page is updated on the 10th of every month. Send your logo to in a *.png file format the prior month to be added.

Agent of the week

Congrats to HDFC Home Loans, built by Cogno AI!

Chat with HDFC Home Loans 247 to access key services & information. This agent makes use of context data passed to it through the entry point. There's easy access to a live agent which help build rapport and connection.


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