Office Hours: April 20, 2021

This summary includes news from Google, and news from our brand and partner ecosystem.

Developer Relations

Build-an-agent Contest 💯

  • Submission is closed - judging is in session. Updates soon!

Non-Local agents, now in the console

  • You can now configure both local and NON LOCAL agents in the developer console.
  • Check it out

Dialogflow + Business Messages FAQ bot is GA!💥

  • Quickly (instantly?) build a Dialogflow bot from an FAQ page or CSV file and deploy to Business Messages
  • Learn more about the integration

User Management - survey 📋

  • We want to understand your thoughts and requirements for enhanced user management to your projects and agents. Please take our survey here.


Marketing Kit Updates

Agent of the Week

Congrats to Wake County Courts, built by Tango Legal

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Office Hours - top questions

The brand has a Google My Business (GMB) account, how can we go live on Business Messages?

If a brand is already live on Google My Business you can launch them on Business Messages using the APIs, skipping the email-based verification. Check out the APIs for onboarding Google My Business agents (this page requires that you are logged in with your Business Messages email account). Reminder - once they are live on Business Messages, messages will be sent to your webhook and will not appear in the GMB app.

Is it possible to have 2 instances of Business Messages (ie staging and production)?

Yes! You can create multiple Google Cloud Platform projects with different webhooks and register each GCP project with Business Messages. Remember you can only verify and launch production agents.

What entry points can I launch on?

You can learn more about the entry points here. You only need to launch the entry point groups (local or non local) and the message button will be visible on all available entry points within the group. Remember some of them are still in beta or only visible on some devices.

Can I launch a bot-only agent?

You can launch a bot-only agent on brand-owned sites, using the URL or web widget entry points, or on ads. For organic Google entry points, live agents are required.

If you have more questions please send them to or ask them at the next Office Hours.

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