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A brand is an organization or group represented by one or more agents. For example, the financial services company Growing Tree may create a brand called Growing Tree and an agent called Growing Tree Bank to talk to customers about banking services.

The agent/brand/partner relationship

Brand ID

When you create a brand, the Business Communications API creates an ID for the brand. You use the brand ID when making API calls related to the brand. You can find this ID in the Developer Console.

See also

  • For information and guidelines on how to develop your brand, see the Brand Playbook.
  • To learn how to create a brand, see the quickstart.
  • Agent. A conversational representation of a brand, managed by a partner. Includes any interface users interact with and any code or infrastructure required to power the interaction.
  • Partner. An individual or group that consumes APIs to create, manage, or operate one or more agents. May be an aggregator, a customer service provider, a brand, a carrier, or any other type of organization or individual.