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Track message receipts

When you send messages to users, you know when you send the message, but not what the user does with it. With message receipts, your agent can also determine when users receive receipts as well, allowing you to build out better interaction designs and metrics reporting.

Agents receive receipts at their webhook. Receive and process receipts the same way you receive messages.

If a user triggers multiple receipts at once, such receiving multiple messages at the same time, all message receipts are included in a single payload. Check each receipt for the message it is associated with.

Receipt types

Business Messages supports delivery receipts (DELIVERED), which indicate that the user received a message on their device.


Receipts from users have the following format.

  "agent": "brands/BRAND_ID/agents/AGENT_ID",
  "conversationId": "CONVERSATION_ID",
  "customAgentId": "CUSTOM_AGENT_ID",
  "sendTime": "SEND_TIME",
  "receipts" : {
    "receipts": [
        "message": "conversations/CONVERSATION_ID/messages/MESSAGE_ID",
        "receiptType": "DELIVERED",
    "createTime": "RECEIPTS_CREATION_TIME",

For full formatting and value options, see UserMessage and Receipts.