How to Get Help

The following support resources are available for SDKs powered by Google Play services.


For coding questions, get help from the community by asking a question under the google-play-services tag on Stack Overflow.

To file a bug, create an issue in the Google Play services issue tracker.


SDK Community supported Stack Overflow tags Other support resources
Activity Recognition activity-recognition Issue tracker
AdMob admob Support resources for the Mobile Ads SDK
Awareness google-awareness Issue tracker
Cronet cronet Issue tracker
FIDO fido FIDO Dev Forum
Firebase Firebase Support
Google Cast google-cast Google Cast SDK Developer Support
Google Fit google-fit How to Get Help | Google Fit,
Issue tracker
Google Maps SDK google-maps-android-api-2 Support Options for Maps SDK for Android
Google Play Games Services google-play-games Google Play Games Services Support,
Issue tracker
Google Play Instant android-instant-apps Issue tracker
Google Pay API google-pay How to Get Help | Google Pay API for Android
Google Pay for Passes Frequently asked questions | Google Pay for Passes
Google Sign-in google-signin Issue tracker
Google Tag Manager google-tag-manager Issue tracker
Location and Context google-location-services Issue tracker
ML Kit google-mlkit Support options for ML Kit
Nearby google-nearby Issue tracker
Password Complextity Issue tracker
reCAPTCHA Issue tracker
SafetyNet safetynet Issue tracker
Sleep API Issue tracker
SMS Retriever API Issue tracker
TensorFlow Lite in Play Services Issue tracker
Vision Issue tracker
Wallet Issue tracker
Wearable Issue tracker