Publicly-available Exposure Notifications apps

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The following apps have been launched and are publicly available for download for use in appropriate regions.

Region (with link to Google Play Store) and Android package name
Bermuda org.wehealth.exposure
Cook Islands
Costa Rica Android Settings Integration
Croatia hr.miz.evidencijakontakata
England and Wales uk.nhs.covid19.production
Germany de.rki.coronawarnapp
Iceland is.landlaeknir.rakning
Kazakhstan kz.nitec.bizbirgemiz
Mexico - Coahuila
Mexico - Puebla
Mexico - Yucatan
Mexico - Jalisco
New Zealand
Panama pa.gob.protegete
Philippines ph.staysafe.mobileapp
Republic of Ireland com.covidtracker.hse
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
Uruguay uy.gub.salud.plancovid19uy
USA - Alabama gov.adph.exposurenotifications
USA - Arizona
USA - California
USA - Colorado
USA - District of Columbia gov.dc.covid19.exposurenotifications
USA - Guam
USA - Hawaii org.alohasafe.alert
USA - Louisiana
USA - Maryland
USA - Massachusetts Android Settings Integration
USA - Minnesota
USA - Nevada gov.nv.dhhs.en
USA - New Jersey
USA - New Mexico gov.nm.covid19.exposurenotifications
USA - New York
USA - North Carolina
USA - Utah gov.ut.covid19.exposurenotifications
USA - Virginia gov.vdh.exposurenotification
USA - Washington gov.wa.doh.exposurenotifications
USA - Wisconsin gov.wi.covid19.exposurenotifications