Real Time Data

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Resource representations

Real time data for a given view (profile).

  "kind": "analytics#realtimeData",
  "id": string,
  "query": {
    "ids": string,
    "dimensions": string,
    "metrics": [
    "sort": [
    "filters": string,
    "max-results": integer
  "totalResults": integer,
  "selfLink": string,
  "profileInfo": {
    "profileId": string,
    "accountId": string,
    "webPropertyId": string,
    "internalWebPropertyId": string,
    "profileName": string,
    "tableId": string
  "columnHeaders": [
      "name": string,
      "columnType": string,
      "dataType": string
  "totalsForAllResults": {
    (key): string
  "rows": [
Property name Value Description Notes
kind string Resource type.
id string Unique ID for this data response.
query object Real time data request query parameters.
query.ids string Unique table ID.
query.dimensions string List of real time dimensions.
query.metrics[] list List of real time metrics.
query.sort[] list List of dimensions or metrics based on which real time data is sorted.
query.filters string Comma-separated list of dimension or metric filters.
query.max-results integer Maximum results per page.
totalResults integer The total number of rows for the query, regardless of the number of rows in the response.
profileInfo object Information for the view (profile), for which the real time data was requested.
profileInfo.profileId string View (Profile) ID.
profileInfo.accountId string Account ID to which this view (profile) belongs.
profileInfo.webPropertyId string Web Property ID to which this view (profile) belongs.
profileInfo.internalWebPropertyId string Internal ID for the web property to which this view (profile) belongs.
profileInfo.profileName string View (Profile) name.
profileInfo.tableId string Table ID for view (profile).
columnHeaders[] list Column headers that list dimension names followed by the metric names. The order of dimensions and metrics is same as specified in the request.
columnHeaders[].name string Column name.
columnHeaders[].columnType string Column Type. Either DIMENSION or METRIC.
columnHeaders[].dataType string Data type. Dimension column headers have only STRING as the data type. Metric column headers have data types for metric values such as INTEGER, DOUBLE, CURRENCY etc.
totalsForAllResults object Total values for the requested metrics over all the results, not just the results returned in this response. The order of the metric totals is same as the metric order specified in the request.
totalsForAllResults.(key) string Key-value pair for the total value of a metric. Key is the metric name and the value is the total value for that metric.
rows[] list Real time data rows, where each row contains a list of dimension values followed by the metric values. The order of dimensions and metrics is same as specified in the request.


Returns real-time data for a view (profile).