Account Ticket

For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource representations

JSON template for an Analytics account ticket. The account ticket consists of the ticket ID and the basic information for the account, property and profile.

  "id": string,
  "kind": "analytics#accountTicket",
  "account": management.accounts Resource,
  "webproperty": management.webproperties Resource,
  "profile": management.profiles Resource,
  "redirectUri": string
Property name Value Description Notes
account nested object Account for this ticket.
id string Account ticket ID used to access the account ticket.
kind string Resource type for account ticket.
profile nested object View (Profile) for the account.
redirectUri string Redirect URI where the user will be sent after accepting Terms of Service. Must be configured in Developers Console as a Redirect URI
webproperty nested object Web property for the account.


Creates an account ticket.