User Timings - Android SDK v4

This document provides an overview of measuring user timings using the Google Analytics SDK v4 for Android.


Measuring user timings provides a native way to measure a period of time in Google Analytics. This can be useful to measure resource load times, for example.

User timings have the following fields:

Field Name Type Required Description
Category String Yes The category of the timed event
Value long Yes The timing measurement in milliseconds
Name String No The name of the timed event
Label String No The label of the timed event

User timing data can be found primarily in the User Timings report.


To send a user timing to Google Analytics, build a timing hit using TimingBuilder and send it.

// Get tracker.
Tracker t = ((AnalyticsSampleApp) getActivity().getApplication()).getTracker(

// Build and send timing.
t.send(new HitBuilders.TimingBuilder()

See Advanced Configuration for details on the getTracker method.