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AdWords scripts


These tools and examples were built with AdWords scripts and are ready to be used as provided. However, feel free to adjust the code for your needs.


  • Account Summary
  • Keyword Performance +mcc
  • Ad Performance
  • Declining Ad Groups +mcc
  • Search Query +mcc
  • Bidding

  • Multi Bidder +mcc
  • Bid to Position +mcc
  • Bid Testing
  • Bid by Weather
  • Tools

  • Flexible Budgets +mcc
  • Labels
  • Sale Countdown
  • Ad Parameterizer
  • Ad Customizer New!
  • Bulk Shopping Ad Group Creator New!
  • Sales Countdown Calendar New!
  • Alerts

  • Link Checker +mcc
  • Account Anomaly Detector +mcc