These tools and examples were built with AdWords scripts and are ready to be used as provided. However, feel free to adjust the code for your needs. Some scripts have a manager account (MCC) version, for processing multiple AdWords accounts from a single script.




  • Ad Customizer - Fetches live data and update an ad to reflect current prices, inventory levels, or anything else that may change over time.
  • Ad Parametizer - Fetches live data and update an ad to reflect changes in any specified variables.
  • Bulk Shopping Ad Group Creator - Provides a way to bulk create ad groups and product groups in existing Shopping Campaigns.
  • Flexible Budgets - Dynamically adjusts campaign budget daily with a custom budget distribution scheme, for single accounts or manager accounts.
  • Labels - Identifies poorly performing keywords and labels them for later review.
  • Master Negative List - Simplifies management of negative criteria for single accounts or manager accounts.
  • Sale Countdown - Updates ad parameters hourly for a countdown to a sales event.
  • Sales Countdown Calendar - Extends Sale Countdown to multiple events by integrating a calendar using ad customizers.


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