Google Advertising APIs

Automate, customize, and scale management of your Google AdWords and DoubleClick accounts with ads developer tools.


Google AdWords allows you to create and manage ads that reach users looking for your products or services on Google and its partner websites.

Use the AdWords API and AdWords scripts to automate repetitive tasks in AdWords so you can focus on doing real work. Bring in your own business intelligence to make smarter decisions.

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DoubleClick's digital ad management platform for agencies and advertisers helps you master even the most complex online advertising strategies.

With the DoubleClick for Advertisers API, create and organize campaigns, serve ads to specific websites, generate reports and automate recurring tasks for DFA accounts.

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DoubleClick Ad Exchange gives ad networks, agency holding companies, and emerging third-party technology providers access to a real-time display marketplace to maximize advertising ROI across millions of sites.

Use the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Buy-side APIs to build an application to control and modify your campaigns in one place. Plug into the Ad Exchange and buy from the first real-time cross-format exchange.

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Google Shopping allows merchants to list their products and so make them available for shoppers to find and buy.

Use the Google Content API for Shopping to programmatically upload product listings and so make your products easily discoverable through Google Shopping.

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