Release Notes

This page provides release notes for the AdSense Host API.

Version 4.1

This version of the API adds full support for account association, host channel management, publisher ad unit management and publisher-side reports.


Following recent changes to the AdSense Management API, the AdSense Host API has been updated accordingly.

  • Reporting data now aligns with the AdSense UI. This means that YouTube properties are no longer supported. Additionally, the AdSense Host API will only support report data going back 3 years.
  • The AdClient arcOptIn field will no longer be returned, as the relevant option has been removed from the AdSense UI.
  • The AdUnit status field previously returned ACTIVE if there had been activity on this ad unit in the last seven days, or NEW or INACTIVE otherwise (depending upon when the ad unit was created). This field will now return ACTIVE in all cases.