FAQ - Technical

My publisher sandbox accounts have no data, how can I test the report service?

The sandbox doesn't collect click data, so your test publishers won't accumulate click data. Your best option is to create a mock of the reporting service, develop your application based on that, and verify that everything is working correctly before going live.

Remember that reporting is not required functionality, so you can launch your initial implementation without this support and add it later, once you have real data.

Why aren't ads appearing using code snippets from sandbox accounts?

By design, sandbox accounts do not display any ads. If you need to test ad serving, you can use manually generated ad code from your real AdSense account; it should be very similar to ad code generated via the API.

What programming languages does the API support?

The AdSense Host API, being RESTful JSON, can be used with any programming language that features an HTTP (and SSL) stack. Since it's based on the same API stack as other Google APIs, it can also be used with a number of client libraries to make your life easier.

Where can developers look at sample code?

Sample code for current or potential API developers can be found on our Libraries and Samples page.