FAQ - Host Channels

How do I track API earnings by channel?

You'll need to set up AdSense for Content Host channels in your AdSense account, under AdSense Setup > Channels. These channels behave similarly to AdSense for Content channels, but they allow you to aggregate channel reports across multiple publishers. For more information on how AdSense channels work, please visit the AdSense Help Center .

What's the difference between a host channel and a regular channel?

Regular AdSense for Content channels are associated with a single publisher, so they can track earnings only for that publisher. Host channels are associated with a developer account, which allows developers to track earnings from API ad code across multiple publishers.

Once I've set up a custom channel, how do I add it to an ad snippet?

When you call accounts.adunits.getAdCode, you pass the channel names in the hostCustomChannelId parameter. The returned ad code will contain the tracking IDs for the corresponding channels.

How do I set up host channels for a given URL?

In addition to custom host channels, you can add URL host channels directly in your AdSense account. Once you've set up a URL channel, there's no need to add that channel to any of your ad snippets: any API ad code that runs on that URL will be tracked automatically. For more information on URL channels, please see the AdSense Help Center.

Where can I find reports on my AdSense for Content Host channels?

You can retrieve them via the API! check the reports.generate call, and use one of the channel dimensions.

You can also use the AdSense website; in your AdSense account, click on Reports > Advanced Reports and select AdSense for Content Host from the product drop-down list.

How do I use multiple host channels in a single ad snippet?

To specify multiple host channels, include up to five instances of the hostCustomChannelId parameter when you call reports.generate.

How many host channels are allowed?

You can have up to 200 AdSense for Content Host channels and 200 AdSense for Search Host channels. These are in addition to the 200 channels you have for AdSense for Content, and 200 for AdSense for Search. There are currently no plans to offer more than 200 channels per product.

I created the host channels I want to use. How do I make sure all my existing ad code snippets use the new host channels?

Call reports.generate and replace your existing snippets with the new ad code.