FAQ - General

What is the Google AdSense Host API?

The AdSense Host API is a free service that allows developers to integrate AdSense directly into their service offerings, enabling their publishers to create or make changes to an AdSense account without leaving the developer's site. With the API, developers have the flexibility to tailor their AdSense implementation to their publishers and the functionality they need to manage their publishers' accounts. API developers can offer their publishers the option to customize ad colors, as well as change the ad size and placement. In addition to these service improvements, developers will receive a share of the revenue earned when publishers choose to add AdSense to their sites. Essentially, the API enables developers sites to become a one-stop shop for publishers who'd like to monetize their content with relevant ads. For this reason, the API is ideal for developers whose users create their own content such as web hosting, web publishing, social networking, forum and blogging developers.

Once a user signs up, how do they manage their AdSense account?

If you choose to implement reporting for your users, they'll be able to view their earnings and metrics on your site. Alternatively, if you choose not to implement reporting for your users, they can access their account information through the AdSense website. Updates to users' personal information, such as an address or password, should be done directly through the AdSense website.

What will developers earn through the AdSense Host API?

You'll receive a percentage that you select (between 0% and 75%) of the revenue generated by Google ads served using your API implementation. Read more about revenue share.

What are sandbox accounts?

Sandbox accounts are in every way similar to regular AdSense accounts, but they will not serve any ads.

As a host, you will be given a host sandbox account for testing. This account, like any other host account, will be able to create new publisher accounts via the API. These will, however, also be marked as sandbox, and thus unable to show any ads.