enum ProposalLineItemProgrammaticError.Reason (v202405)

The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
INVALID_PRODUCT_TYPE Programmatic proposal line items only support ProductType.DFP.
VIDEO_NOT_SUPPORTED EnvironmentType.VIDEO_PLAYER is currently not supported.
ROADBLOCKING_NOT_SUPPORTED Programmatic proposal line items do not support RoadblockingType.CREATIVE_SET.
INVALID_CREATIVE_ROTATION Programmatic proposal line items do not support CreativeRotationType.SEQUENTIAL.
INVALID_PROPOSAL_LINE_ITEM_TYPE Programmatic proposal line items only support LineItemType.STANDARD.
INVALID_RATE_TYPE Programmatic proposal line items only support RateType.CPM.
ZERO_COST_PER_UNIT_NOT_SUPPORTED Programmatic proposal line items do not support zero for ProposalLineItem.netRate.
INVALID_PROGRAMMATIC_CREATIVE_SOURCE Only programmatic proposal line items support ProgrammaticCreativeSource.
INVALID_MAX_VIDEO_CREATIVE_DURATION Programmatic proposal line item has invalid video creative duration.
CANNOT_UPDATE_PROGRAMMATIC_CREATIVE_SOURCE Cannot update programmatic creative source if the proposal line item has been sent to the buyer.
INVALID_NUM_UNITS The Goal.units value is invalid.
MIX_GUARANTEED_AND_PREFERRED_DEAL_NOT_ALLOWED Cannot mix guaranteed and Preferred Deal proposal line items in a programmatic proposal.
MIX_NATIVE_AND_BANNER_SIZE_NOT_ALLOWED Cannot mix native and banner size in a programmatic proposal line item.
CANNOT_UPDATE_SIZES Cannot update sizes when a programmatic proposal line item with publisher creative source is sent to a buyer.
INVALID_SPONSORSHIP_CONTRACTED_UNITS_BOUGHT The {ProposalLineItem#contractedUnitsBought} cannot be null or zero for programmatic RateType.CPD proposal line items.
INVALID_PROGRAMMATIC_PRICING_MODEL Only PricingModel.NET is supported for programmatic proposal line items.
BUYER_DISABLED_FOR_PG_VIOLATING_SLA Buyer is currently disabled for guaranteed deals due to violation of Programmatic Guaranteed service level agreement.
PG_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_AGENCY_BUYER Deals with agencies are limited to preferred deals, private auctions, and public marketplace packages.
BUYER_NOT_FOUND Buyer not found.
INVALID_ENVIRONMENT_PLATFORM_TYPE_PAIR Cannot create/update proposal line items with an invalid environment and request platform pair.
CANNOT_MIX_AUDIO_VIDEO_PROGRAMMATIC_LINE_ITEM A proposal line item must either be of video, or audio type, but not both.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.