enum ReservationDetailsError.Reason (v202405)

The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
UNLIMITED_UNITS_BOUGHT_NOT_ALLOWED There is no limit on the number of ads delivered for a line item when you set LineItem.duration to be LineItemSummary.Duration.NONE. This can only be set for line items of type LineItemType.PRICE_PRIORITY.
UNLIMITED_END_DATE_TIME_NOT_ALLOWED LineItem.unlimitedEndDateTime can be set to true for only line items of type LineItemType.SPONSORSHIP, LineItemType.NETWORK, LineItemType.PRICE_PRIORITY and LineItemType.HOUSE.
PERCENTAGE_UNITS_BOUGHT_TOO_HIGH When LineItem.lineItemType is LineItemType.SPONSORSHIP, then LineItem.unitsBought represents the percentage of available impressions reserved. That value cannot exceed 100.
DURATION_NOT_ALLOWED The line item type does not support the specified duration. See LineItemSummary.Duration for allowed values.
UNIT_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED The LineItem.unitType is not allowed for the given LineItem.lineItemType. See UnitType for allowed values.
COST_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED The LineItem.costType is not allowed for the LineItem.lineItemType. See CostType for allowed values.
COST_TYPE_UNIT_TYPE_MISMATCH_NOT_ALLOWED When LineItem.costType is CostType.CPM, LineItem.unitType must be UnitType.IMPRESSIONS and when LineItem.costType is CostType.CPC, LineItem.unitType must be UnitType.CLICKS.
LINE_ITEM_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED Inventory cannot be reserved for line items which are not of type LineItemType.SPONSORSHIP or LineItemType.STANDARD.
NETWORK_REMNANT_ORDER_CANNOT_UPDATE_LINEITEM_TYPE Network remnant line items cannot be changed to other line item types once delivery begins. This restriction does not apply to any new line items created in Ad Manager.
BACKFILL_WEBPROPERTY_CODE_NOT_ALLOWED A dynamic allocation web property can only be set on a line item of type AdSense or Ad Exchange.
CPA_DEPRECATED CPA LineItems can't have end dates older than February 22, 2024.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.