enum MobileApplicationError.Reason (v202405)

The reasons for the MobileApplication.

Enumeration Description
INVALID_APP_ID Could not find the ID of the app being claimed in any app stores.
INVALID_EXCHANGE_PARTNER_SETTINGS Exchange partner settings were invalid.
INTERNAL API encountered an unexpected internal error.
NAME_OR_STORE_ID_MUST_BE_SET At least one of app name or app store id must be set.
PUBLISHER_HAS_TOO_MANY_ACTIVE_APPS The number of active applications exceeds the max number allowed in the network.
LINKED_APPLICATION_STORE_ID_TOO_LONG Application store id fetched from the internal application catalog is too long.
MANUAL_APP_NAME_TOO_LONG Manually entered app name cannot be longer than 80 characters.
MANUAL_APP_NAME_EMPTY Manually entered app name cannot be empty.
INVALID_COMBINED_PRODUCT_KEY Invalid combined product key from app store and store id combinations.
LINKED_APP_SKIPPING_ID_VERIFICATION_MUST_BE_ANDROID_APP Only Android apps are eligible to skip for store id verification.
MISSING_APP_STORE_ENTRY Linked app cannot be found.
CANNOT_SET_STORE_ID_INVALID_APP_STORE Store entry has an unspecified app store.
CANNOT_SET_STORE_ID_INVALID_STORE_ID Store entry has an empty store id.
CANNOT_SET_STORE_ID_NON_UNIQUE_STORE_ID Store entry is not unique among publisher's active apps.
CANNOT_SET_STORE_ID_NON_UNIQUE_STORE_ID_WITHIN_PLATFORM App store id is not unique among publisher's active apps of the same platform.
CANNOT_SET_STORE_ID_INVALID_ANDROID_PACKAGE_NAME The Android package name format is invalid.
INCOMPATIBLE_APP_STORE_LIST App store list should contain app stores from same platform.
APP_STORE_LIST_CANNOT_HAVE_UNKNOWN_APP_STORE App store list should not contain UNKNOWN app store.
APP_STORE_LIST_CANNOT_REMOVE_FIRST_PARTY_APP_STORE App store list should contain existing first party stores.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.