enum ForecastError.Reason (v202405)

Reason why a forecast could not be retrieved.

Enumeration Description
SERVER_NOT_AVAILABLE The forecast could not be retrieved due to a server side connection problem. Please try again soon.
INTERNAL_ERROR There was an unexpected internal error.
NO_FORECAST_YET The forecast could not be retrieved because there is not enough forecasting data available yet. It may take up to one week before enough data is available.
NOT_ENOUGH_INVENTORY There's not enough inventory for the requested reservation.
SUCCESS No error from forecast.
ZERO_LENGTH_RESERVATION The requested reservation is of zero length. No forecast is returned.
EXCEEDED_QUOTA The number of requests made per second is too high and has exceeded the allowable limit. The recommended approach to handle this error is to wait about 5 seconds and then retry the request. Note that this does not guarantee the request will succeed. If it fails again, try increasing the wait time.

Another way to mitigate this error is to limit requests to 2 per second. Once again this does not guarantee that every request will succeed, but may help reduce the number of times you receive this error.

OUTSIDE_AVAILABLE_DATE_RANGE The request falls outside the date range of the available data.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.