enum AudienceExtensionError.Reason (v202405)

Specific audience extension error reasons.

Enumeration Description
FREQUENCY_CAPS_NOT_SUPPORTED Frequency caps are not supported by audience extension line items
INVALID_TARGETING Audience extension line items can only target geography
INVENTORY_UNIT_TARGETING_INVALID Audience extension line items can only target audience extension inventory units
INVALID_CREATIVE_ROTATION Audience extension line items do not support CreativeRotationType.SEQUENTIAL.
INVALID_EXTERNAL_ENTITY_ID The given ID of the external entity is not valid
INVALID_LINE_ITEM_TYPE Audience extension line items only support LineItemType.STANDARD.
INVALID_MAX_BID Audience extension max bid is invalid when it is greater then the max budget.
AUDIENCE_EXTENSION_BULK_UPDATE_NOT_ALLOWED Bulk update for audience extension line items is not allowed.
MAX_DAILY_BUDGET_AMOUNT_EXCEEDED The value entered for the maximum daily budget on an audience extension line item exceeds the maximum allowed.
EXTERNAL_CAMPAIGN_ALREADY_EXISTS Creating a campaign for a line item that already has an associated campaign is not allowed.
AUDIENCE_EXTENSION_WITHOUT_FEATURE Audience extension was specified on a line item but the feature was not enabled.
AUDIENCE_EXTENSION_WITHOUT_LINKED_ACCOUNT Audience extension was specified on a line item but no audience extension account has been linked.
CANNOT_OVERRIDE_CREATIVE_SIZE_WITH_AUDIENCE_EXTENSION Assocation creative size overrides are not allowed with audience extension.
CANNOT_OVERRIDE_FIELD_WITH_AUDIENCE_EXTENSION Some association overrides are not allowed with audience extension.
ONLY_ONE_CREATIVE_PLACEHOLDER_ALLOWED Only one creative placeholder is allowed for an audience extension line item.
MULTIPLE_AUDIENCE_EXTENSION_LINE_ITEMS_ON_ORDER Only one audience extension line item can be associated with a given order.
CANNOT_COPY_AUDIENCE_EXTENSION_LINE_ITEMS_AND_CREATIVES_TOGETHER Audience extension line items must be copied separately from their associated creatives.
FEATURE_DEPRECATED Audience extension is no longer supported and cannot be used.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.