enum AuthenticationError.Reason (v202308)

Enumeration Description
AMBIGUOUS_SOAP_REQUEST_HEADER The SOAP message contains a request header with an ambiguous definition of the authentication header fields. This means either the authToken and oAuthToken fields were both null or both were specified. Exactly one value should be specified with each request.
INVALID_EMAIL The login provided is invalid.
AUTHENTICATION_FAILED Tried to authenticate with provided information, but failed.
INVALID_OAUTH_SIGNATURE The OAuth provided is invalid.
INVALID_SERVICE The specified service to use was not recognized.
MISSING_SOAP_REQUEST_HEADER The SOAP message is missing a request header with an authToken and optional networkCode.
MISSING_AUTHENTICATION_HTTP_HEADER The HTTP request is missing a request header with an authToken
MISSING_AUTHENTICATION The request is missing an authToken
NETWORK_API_ACCESS_DISABLED The network does not have API access enabled.
NO_NETWORKS_TO_ACCESS The user is not associated with any network.
NETWORK_NOT_FOUND No network for the given networkCode was found.
NETWORK_CODE_REQUIRED The user has access to more than one network, but did not provide a networkCode.
CONNECTION_ERROR An error happened on the server side during connection to authentication service.
GOOGLE_ACCOUNT_ALREADY_ASSOCIATED_WITH_NETWORK The user tried to create a test network using an account that already is associated with a network.
UNDER_INVESTIGATION The account is blocked and under investigation by the collections team. Please contact Google for more information.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.