enum CompanyError.Reason (v202308)

Enumerates all possible company specific errors.

Enumeration Description
CANNOT_SET_THIRD_PARTY_COMPANY_DUE_TO_TYPE Indicates that an attempt was made to set a third party company for a company whose type is not the same as the third party company.
CANNOT_UPDATE_COMPANY_TYPE Indicates that an invalid attempt was made to change a company's type.
INVALID_COMPANY_TYPE Indicates that this type of company is not supported.
PRIMARY_CONTACT_DOES_NOT_BELONG_TO_THIS_COMPANY Indicates that an attempt was made to assign a primary contact who does not belong to the specified company.
THIRD_PARTY_STATS_PROVIDER_IS_WRONG_ROLE_TYPE Indicates that the user specified as the third party stats provider is of the wrong role type. The user must have the third party stats provider role.
INVALID_LABEL_ASSOCIATION Labels can only be applied to Company.Type.ADVERTISER, Company.Type.HOUSE_ADVERTISER, and Company.Type.AD_NETWORK company types.
INVALID_COMPANY_TYPE_FOR_DEFAULT_BILLING_SETTING Indicates that the Company.Type does not support default billing settings.
INVALID_DEFAULT_BILLING_SETTING Indicates that the format of the default billing setting is wrong.
COMPANY_HAS_ACTIVE_SHARE_ASSIGNMENTS Cannot remove the cross selling config from a company that has active share assignments.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.