enum ComputedStatus (v202308)

Describes the computed LineItem status that is derived from the current state of the line item.

Enumeration Description
DELIVERY_EXTENDED The LineItem has past its LineItem.endDateTime with an auto extension, but hasn't met its goal.
DELIVERING The LineItem has begun serving.
READY The LineItem has been activated and is ready to serve.
PAUSED The LineItem has been paused from serving.
INACTIVE The LineItem is inactive. It is either caused by missing creatives or the network disabling auto-activation.
PAUSED_INVENTORY_RELEASED The LineItem has been paused and its reserved inventory has been released. The LineItem will not serve.
PENDING_APPROVAL The LineItem has been submitted for approval.
COMPLETED The LineItem has completed its run.
DISAPPROVED The LineItem has been disapproved and is not eligible to serve.
DRAFT The LineItem is still being drafted.
CANCELED The LineItem has been canceled and is no longer eligible to serve. This is a legacy status imported from Google Ad Manager orders.