enum NativeStyleError.Reason (v202305)

The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
ACTIVE_CREATIVE_TEMPLATE_REQUIRED Native styles can only be created under active creative templates.
INVALID_CUSTOM_TARGETING_MATCH_TYPE Targeting expressions on the NativeStyle can only have custom criteria targeting with CustomTargetingValue.MatchType.EXACT.
INVALID_INVENTORY_TARTGETING_TYPE Native styles only allows inclusion of inventory units.
INVALID_STATUS The status of a native style cannot be null.
INVALID_TARGETING_TYPE Targeting expressions on the native style can only have inventory targeting and/or custom targeting.
NATIVE_CREATIVE_TEMPLATE_REQUIRED Native styles can only be created under native creative templates.
TOO_MANY_CUSTOM_TARGETING_KEY_VALUES Targeting expressions on native styles can have a maximum of 20 key-value pairs.
UNIQUE_SNIPPET_REQUIRED Native styles must have an HTML snippet.
UNRECOGNIZED_MACRO The macro referenced in the snippet is not valid.
UNRECOGNIZED_PLACEHOLDER The snippet of the native style contains a placeholder which is not defined as a variable on the creative template of this native style.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.