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enum HtmlBundleProcessorError.Reason (v202002)

Error reasons that may arise during HTML5 bundle processing.

Enumeration Description
CANNOT_EXTRACT_FILES_FROM_BUNDLE Cannot extract files from HTML5 bundle.
CLICK_TAG_HARD_CODED Bundle cannot have hard-coded click tag url(s).
CLICK_TAG_IN_GWD_UNUPPORTED Bundles created using GWD (Google Web Designer) cannot have click tags. GWD-published bundles should use exit events instead of defining var clickTAG.
CLICK_TAG_NOT_IN_PRIMARY_HTML Click tag detected outside of primary HTML file.
CLICK_TAG_INVALID Click tag or exit function has invalid name or url.
FILE_SIZE_TOO_LARGE HTML5 bundle or total size of extracted files cannot be more than 1000 KB.
FILES_TOO_MANY HTML5 bundle cannot have more than 50 files.
FLASH_UNSUPPORTED Flash files in HTML5 bundles are not supported. Any file with a .swf or .flv extension causes this error.
GWD_COMPONENTS_UNSUPPORTED The HTML5 bundle contains unsupported GWD component(s).
GWD_ENABLER_METHODS_UNSUPPORTED The HTML5 bundle contains Unsupported GWD Enabler method(s).
GWD_PROPERTIES_INVALID GWD properties are invalid.
LINKED_FILES_NOT_FOUND The HTML5 bundle contains broken relative file reference(s).
PRIMARY_HTML_MISSING No primary HTML file detected.
PRIMARY_HTML_UNDETERMINED Multiple HTML files are detected. One of them should be named as index.html
SVG_BLOCK_INVALID An SVG block could not be parsed.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.