Note: Reporting metrics for Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals will soon change from gross revenue to net revenue. See the Ad Manager Release notes for more information.

enum AudienceExtensionError.Reason (v201911)

Specific audience extension error reasons.

Enumeration Description
FREQUENCY_CAPS_NOT_SUPPORTED Frequency caps are not supported by audience extension line items
INVALID_TARGETING Audience extension line items can only target geography
INVENTORY_UNIT_TARGETING_INVALID Audience extension line items can only target audience extension inventory units
INVALID_CREATIVE_ROTATION Audience extension line items do not support CreativeRotationType.SEQUENTIAL.
INVALID_EXTERNAL_ENTITY_ID The given ID of the external entity is not valid
INVALID_LINE_ITEM_TYPE Audience extension line items only support LineItemType.STANDARD.
INVALID_MAX_BID Audience extension max bid is invalid when it is greater then the max budget.
AUDIENCE_EXTENSION_BULK_UPDATE_NOT_ALLOWED Bulk update for audience extension line items is not allowed.
MAX_DAILY_BUDGET_AMOUNT_EXCEEDED The value entered for the maximum daily budget on an audience extension line item exceeds the maximum allowed.
EXTERNAL_CAMPAIGN_ALREADY_EXISTS Creating a campaign for a line item that already has an associated campaign is not allowed.
AUDIENCE_EXTENSION_WITHOUT_FEATURE Audience extension was specified on a line item but the feature was not enabled.
AUDIENCE_EXTENSION_WITHOUT_LINKED_ACCOUNT Audience extension was specified on a line item but no audience extension account has been linked.
CANNOT_OVERRIDE_CREATIVE_SIZE_WITH_AUDIENCE_EXTENSION Assocation creative size overrides are not allowed with audience extension.
CANNOT_OVERRIDE_FIELD_WITH_AUDIENCE_EXTENSION Some association overrides are not allowed with audience extension.
ONLY_ONE_CREATIVE_PLACEHOLDER_ALLOWED Only one creative placeholder is allowed for an audience extension line item.
MULTIPLE_AUDIENCE_EXTENSION_LINE_ITEMS_ON_ORDER Only one audience extension line item can be associated with a given order.
CANNOT_COPY_AUDIENCE_EXTENSION_LINE_ITEMS_AND_CREATIVES_TOGETHER Audience extension line items must be copied separately from their associated creatives.
FEATURE_DEPRECATED Audience extension is no longer supported and cannot be used.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.