Note: Reporting metrics for Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals will soon change from gross revenue to net revenue. See the Ad Manager Release notes for more information.

enum PoddingError.Reason (v201911)

Describes reason for PoddingErrors.

Enumeration Description
INVALID_PODDING_TYPE_NONE Invalid podding type NONE, but has podding fields filled in. Podding types are defined in PoddingType.
INVALID_PODDING_TYPE_STANDARD Invalid podding type STANDARD, but doesn't specify the max ads in pod and max ad duration podding fields.
INVALID_OPTIMIZED_POD_WITHOUT_DURATION Invalid podding type OPTIMIZED, but doesn't specify pod duration.
INVALID_OPTIMIZED_POD_WITHOUT_ADS Invalid optimized pod that does not specify a valid max ads in pod, which must either be a positive number or -1 to signify that there is no maximum.
INVALID_POD_DURATION_RANGE Min pod ad duration is greater than max pod ad duration.