Note: Version v201808 will be sunset soon. All users of those versions must migrate to a newer one.

enum MimeType (v201811)

Enum of supported mime types

Enumeration Description
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.
ASP application/x-asp
AUDIO_AIFF audio/aiff
AUDIO_BASIC audio/basic
AUDIO_FLAC audio/flac
AUDIO_MID audio/mid
AUDIO_MP3 audio/mpeg
AUDIO_MP4 audio/mp4
AUDIO_MPEG_URL audio/x-mpegurl
AUDIO_MS_WMA audio/x-ms-wma
AUDIO_OGG audio/ogg
AUDIO_REAL_AUDIO_PLUGIN audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin
AUDIO_WAV audio/x-wav
BINARY application/binary
DASH application/dash+xml
DIRECTOR application/x-director
FLASH application/x-shockwave-flash
GRAPHIC_CONVERTER application/graphicconverter
JAVASCRIPT application/x-javascript
JSON application/json
IMAGE_BITMAP image/x-win-bitmap
IMAGE_BMP image/bmp
IMAGE_GIF image/gif
IMAGE_JPEG image/jpeg
IMAGE_PHOTOSHOP image/photoshop
IMAGE_PNG image/png
IMAGE_TIFF image/tiff
IMAGE_WBMP image/vnd.wap.wbmp
M3U8 application/x-mpegURL
MAC_BIN_HEX_40 application/mac-binhex40
MS_EXCEL application/
MS_POWERPOINT application/ms-powerpoint
MS_WORD application/msword
OCTET_STREAM application/octet-stream
PDF application/pdf
POSTSCRIPT application/postscript
RN_REAL_MEDIA application/vnd.rn-realmedia
RFC_822 message/rfc822
RTF application/rtf
TEXT_CALENDAR text/calendar
TEXT_CSS text/css
TEXT_CSV text/csv
TEXT_HTML text/html
TEXT_JAVA text/java
TEXT_PLAIN text/plain
VIDEO_3GPP video/3gpp
VIDEO_3GPP2 video/3gpp2
VIDEO_AVI video/avi
VIDEO_FLV video/x-flv
VIDEO_MP4 video/mp4
VIDEO_MP4V_ES video/mp4v-es
VIDEO_MPEG video/mpeg
VIDEO_MS_ASF video/x-ms-asf
VIDEO_MS_WM video/x-ms-wm
VIDEO_MS_WMV video/x-ms-wmv
VIDEO_MS_WVX video/x-ms-wvx
VIDEO_OGG video/ogg
VIDEO_QUICKTIME video/x-quicktime
VIDEO_WEBM video/webm
XAML application/xaml+xml
XHTML application/xhtml+xml
XML application/xml
ZIP application/zip

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