enum DateTimeRangeTargetingError.Reason (v201808)

ApiErrorReason enum for date time range targeting error.

Enumeration Description
EMPTY_RANGES No targeted ranges exists.
NOT_SPONSORSHIP_LINEITEM Type of lineitem is not sponsorship.
PAST_RANGES_CHANGED Past ranges are changed.
RANGES_OVERLAP Targeted date time ranges overlap.
RANGES_OUT_OF_LINEITEM_ACTIVE_PERIOD Targeted date time ranges fall out the active period of lineitem.
START_TIME_IS_NOT_START_OF_DAY Start time of range (except the earliest range) is not at start of day. Start of day is 00:00:00.
END_TIME_IS_NOT_END_OF_DAY End time of range (except the latest range) is not at end of day. End of day is 23:59:59.
START_DATE_TIME_IS_IN_PAST Start date time of earliest targeted ranges is in past.
RANGE_END_TIME_BEFORE_START_TIME The end time of range is before the start time. Could happen when start type is IMMEDIATE or ONE_HOUR_LATER.
END_DATE_TIME_IS_TOO_LATE End date time of latest targeted ranges is too late.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.

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