Latest updates

This page details the major updates made to Media Actions documentation. To see changes that only apply to the feature that you work on, use the filter to select a feature.

April 2024

  • April 1:Removed availabilityStarts requirement on SportsEvent watch action link in Sports content specification.
  • April 2:Update BroadcastEvent for location markup SportsEvent specification.

March 2024

  • March 7:Added sports team parentOrganization for league markup to SportsEvent specification.

June 2023

  • June 15:Added identifier and contentRating properties to the BroadcastEvent specification.
  • June 15:Enhanced Live TV documentation throughout the developer documentation. Added new entity modeling guidance, and several more examples.
  • June 15:Added additional guidance and examples for Live TV channel modeling.
  • June 15:Added additional guidance and examples for Live TV schedule modeling.

May 2023

  • May 20:Added enhanced actor spectifications for TV Shows in the Media Actions feed.

March 2023

  • March 8:Added guidance on modeling Sports content in the Media Actions feed.

February 2023

January 2023

  • January 3:Added datePublished and expires as accepted properties to images, give example usage.

November 2022

  • November 15:Added VIP_TIMES_ID as an accepted propertyID.

October 2022

  • October 22:Updated identifier to be a highly recommended property.
  • October 20:Updated the Identifiers section to call out EIDR identifiers. Also added relevant examples in the Watch Action Examples reference pages.

December 2022

  • December 21: Added the following pages.

August 2022

  • August 23:Actions on Google (AoG) Console tool has been deprecated in favor of Catalog Properties on Search Console.

December 2021

  • December 16:Updated releasedEvent to be a highly recommended property.

November 2021

October 2021

  • October 7: Updated documentation links for Search Console entity lookup and feed report.
  • October 6: Updated TelevisionChannel.channelOrder to be a required property for GoogleTV.
  • October 4: Updated contentRating to accept "RATING NOT KNOWN" as a potential value.

September 2021

  • September 9: Updated releasedEvent.publishedBy to be an optional property.

August 2021

  • August 11: Updated Watch Action deep link autoplay guidelines from required to recommended for Search platform.

July 2021

  • July 23: Updated popularityScore to be a highly recommended property

June 2021

  • June 13: Removed the requirement of the _PARTNER_ID_ identifier property in the BroadcastService entity.
  • June 13: Removed MediaService specification from the JSON Schema requirements.

May 2021

  • May 19: Updated autoplay requirements for Watch and Listen Actions.
  • May 13: Added editEidr as a highly recommended property to the TVEpisodes specification, and titleEidr as a highly recommended property to the TVSeason specification page.
  • May 07: Added schema support for various clip types, which include Preview, Recap, Review, Highlight, Blooper, BehindTheScene, DeletedScene, and Interview.
  • May 04: Added new information about how to monitor the status of your feed ingestion through Search Console.
  • May 04: Updated information about the tools available for validation of sample feed.

April 2021

  • April 26: Added editEidr as a highly recommended property to the Movie specification page.

March 2021

  • March 26: Added new reference information about how to supply film variants for Movie entities.
  • March 15: Fixed the JSON Schema of the commonTier attribute on MediaSubscription to validate the requirement on lists as well as single object.
  • March 1: Added MediaService to the JSON Schema.

February 2021

  • February 12: Added description to the Radio Specification example

January 2021

  • January 14: Added an example on how to mark up local channels.
  • January 10: Updated brand icon requirements for Google TV in the MediaService specification.
  • January 4: Added Radio JSON Schema to validate RadioBroadcastService entities.

December 2020

  • December 30: Added offAir and contentToBeAnnounced properties to BroadcastEvent.
  • December 30: Updated image to be a required property for TVSeries, TVEpisodes and Movies.
  • December 30: Updated brand icon requirements for Google TV.
  • December 30: Added channelOrder property to TelevisionChannel.
  • December 30: Updated BroadcastService.logo as a required property for GoogleTV integration, highly recommended otherwise. Also added recommended aspect ratios for the same.
  • December 28: Added titleEidr as a highly recommended property to the TV and Movie specification pages.
  • December 9: Added duration as an optional property to the TVEpisode specification page.
  • December 3: Updated the releasedEvent property to accept FeaturedEvent which indicates how your service is marketed, and ExclusiveEvent which indicates that the content has exclusive distribution rights. Added related properties to the Movies, TVSeries, TVEpisode, TVSeason, and Events reference tables. Added examples to the Watch Actions feed examples page.

November 2020

  • November 11: Add advisoryCode as a property of contentRating
  • November 10: Removed requirement for trailers to be hosted on YouTube.
  • November 2: MediaService entity should be created in the media_config.json file.
  • November 2: MediaService property changed from logo to brandIcon.

October 2020

  • October 27: Added two image examples to the Image properties page.
  • October 9: Added a new reference page for the MediaService entity type, which is required as part of every Media Actions, specifically Watch Actions, feed submission.

August 2020

July 2020

  • July 27: Made the commonTier property required in the JSON Schemas when the category is subscription and allowing actor to be represented with the PerformanceRole object in the JSON Schema.
  • July 14: Fixed the music JSON Schema, to allow multiple creators to be set in the MusicPlaylist entities.
  • July 13: Updated steps for monitoring the status of a feed on the create an actions project page.
  • July 10: Fixed the validations in the JSON Schema. The category property in the Offer object was not set properly and was ignored in the Music Schema.
    • Allow in the @context property.
    • Add availabilityStarts and availabilityEnds in the Offer object in the Music Schema.
    • Add eligibleRegion to be a requirement in the Offer in the Music Schema.
    • Updated the Rating object to authorize a string for author.
  • July 9: Allow intent:// pattern in addition to android-app:// for android deeplinks in the JSON Schemas.
  • July 7: Clarified correct use of TMS_ROOT_ID vs TMS_ID for LiveTV partners on the identifier page.
  • July 6: Added the sport property to SportsEvent.
  • July 6: Updated startDate and endDate types for SportsEvent from Date to Date or DateTime.
  • July 6: Made the following SportsEvent properties highly recommended: homeTeam, homeTeam.sameAs, awayTeam, competitor, identifier.

June 2020

  • June 30: Updated the JSON Schemas to add the commonTier property in the MediaSubscription object, and modified the identifier property to only check the value before the : to leave more freedom on the package string.
  • June 25: Updated requirements on SportsTeam and clarified startDate in Events.
  • June 24: Made requiresSubscription required for providers with single tiered packages.
  • June 22: Added details about the common tier to the Access requirements page. Updated Watch actions common specification with common tier details.
  • June 1: Consolidated entitlements content from several pages into one Access requirements page.

May 2020

April 2020

  • April 30: Recategorized sameAs as highly recommended to improve reconcilitaion quality.
  • April 28: Fixed the JSON Schemas by updating minIntems to minItems for the region property.
  • April 26: Fixed the Live TV JSON schema by updating the reference of the identifier property for CableOrSatelliteService entity type. Allow the validation of this entity type when it contains the identifier property.
  • April 23: Recategorized BroadcastService.logo as highly recommended to improve reconcilitaion quality.
  • April 16: Updated the Watch Action playback behavior policy to include new requirements.

March 2020