App Activities: AddAction

This type of app activity is the generic fallback type. Use it when no other app activity type is appropriate.

Example request body

The following object represents the payload that you would send in an HTTP POST to the moments.insert method to write this type of app activity to Google on behalf of the user. See the examples to learn how to perform this task in a variety of programming languages.

  "type": "",
  "object": {
    "url": ""

Object page markup

The following table shows the minimum markup that is required to appear on your object page (object.url) to write this type of app activity.

PropertyRequirementDescriptionValid values
itemtypeRequiredThe type of the item or subtype
nameRequiredThe title of the item
descriptionOptionalThe description of the item
imageRecommendedA thumbnail URL

Example object page

A stand-alone version of this page is published as a snippet example. The example shows the microdata that will be used to populate the snippet in the app activity.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>The Google+ Platform</title>
    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="thing.ico" />
  <body itemscope itemtype="">
    <section>Name: <div itemprop="name">The Google+ Platform</div></section>
    <section>Description: <div itemprop="description">Google+ is more than just It's about adding people to all Google products. The
      Google+ platform extends this idea, allowing you to add people to your
      products too.</div></section>
      Thumbnail: <img itemprop="image" src="thing.png"/>

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