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Hangouts API 1.4 Release Notes

Note - See the release notes for the latest Hangouts API version.

This release of the Hangouts API enables apps to determine age restrictions, control over who is displayed in a Hangout On Air broadcast, select a primary participant for the main video, and get the locale of a participant.

In addition, we have published a new document Controlling Video Feeds.

For release notes of previous versions, see previous versions.

Age restriction for joining a hangout

An app can tell whether a hangout is open to minors.

Setting and clearing the displayed participant

An app can set and clear the participant to be displayed in the default video feed of a hangout.

Setting participants displayed in broadcast

An app can control which participants are displayed in a Hangouts On Air broadcast.


Event class

Event and event functions

Locale of the participant

An app can get the locale of a participant.

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