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Google+ Platform - APIs for Google Apps

Google+ Domains API

Make Google+ work for your business

Develop business apps that integrate with Google+

With the Google+ Domains API, Google Apps customers and ISVs can build custom Google+ functionality and services for people who use Google Apps at college, at work, or at home. Organizations can develop tools to interact with Google+ features such as posts, comments, and circles. These tools can be used to spread information, reinforce communications, and grow productivity in an organization.

Screenshot showing three pre-populated circles
Three pre-populated circles.

Welcome employees

By prepopulating circles, admins can ensure new employees are welcomed into Google+ with relevant and interesting content by colleagues and leadership. It also makes it easy for employees to send posts to, or start Hangouts with, specific teams.

Connect the company

Companies can develop apps that connect Google+ to internal systems, and ISVs can develop their own tools to interact with Google+ features such as posts, comments, and circles. Admins can also automatically post company-wide updates or announcements and manage circle membership for domain users.

An example post showing a domain restricted post.
A Google+ post restricted to the domain

Gain communication insights

Organizations can review aggregate Google+ usage to learn how employees are connecting, and to understand adoption and engagement. The Google+ Domains API can also be used to analyze posts and content for sentiment analysis and communication preferences.

Monitor posts

Organizations can track and monitor shared content for compliance and archiving purposes. The API allows access to content, comments and the audience of posts authored by users in the domain.

A view of example data illustrating a post monitoring tool.
A dashboard showing Google+ activity by Ink-42 employees