Google Workspace developer resources

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In addition to documentation, you can use these tools and resources to build applications, find help, and stay informed about Google Workspace developer products.


  • Admin console — The Google Workspace Admin console is where administrators manage their organizations, including allowing third-party apps, enabling domain-wide delegation, and other developer tasks.

  • Apps Script dashboard — The Apps Script dashboard is where you create Apps Script projects to automate, enhance, or extend Google Workspace with simple code.

  • Google Cloud console — The Google Cloud console is where you manage the Google Cloud projects behind your Google Workspace integrations.

  • APIs Explorer — Use the Google Workspace APIs Explorer to try out API requests in your browser using real data.

Training & support

  • How to get started — Follow 5 steps to get started as a Google Workspace developer.

  • Codelabs — Follow guided, step-by-step instructions to create Apps Script solutions, build a Chat app, or integrate with Google Drive.

  • Developer support — Review a variety of options to determine the best way to get help with your questions.


  • Google Workspace Developers Blog — Read the latest news about Google Workspace in the Google Developers blog.

  • Developer Previews — Apply to join the Google Workspace Developer Preview Program to get early access to certain features.

  • Newsletter — Subscribe to the Google Workspace Developer Newsletter to receive a regular emailed summary of new features, upcoming events, and more.

  • Twitter — Follow @workspacedevs on Twitter.

  • YouTube — Subscribe to the Google Workspace Developers YouTube channel.