Developer Preview Program

You can apply to join the Google Workspace Developer Preview Program to get early access to certain features. Features in developer preview have already completed early development phases, so they're ready for implementation. This program gives you the chance to shape the final stages of feature development with feedback, get pre-release support, and have your integration ready for public use on launch day.

We regularly review new applications to ensure developers meet program requirements. Approved applicants receive confirmation and further information about how to start developing.

Active developer previews

Below is a list of current preview features, including links to documentation and an Issue Tracker where you can suggest feature changes or report bugs. Membership in the Developer Preview program is necessary to work with these features.

To learn about preview features that are now generally available, see the Google Workspace developer release notes.

  Display up to 2 columns in a card with the Columns widget Documentation Send feedback
  Create a multiselect menu for static or dynamic data Documentation Send feedback
  Manage spaces and members using administrator privileges Documentation Send feedback
  Discoverable spaces for target audiences Documentation Send feedback
  Import a space from other messaging platforms, and allow external users to join that space. Documentation Send feedback
  Send interactive card messages and open dialogs from Dialogflow CX Chat apps. Documentation Send feedback
  Validate data inputted to cards Documentation Send feedback
  Google Meet Add-ons SDK Documentation Send feedback
  Rubrics CRUD Documentation Send feedback

Ask questions & request project updates

Members of the Developer Preview Program use the Developer Preview Program Issue Tracker to ask questions about the program, join new developer previews, request updates to their membership, and add Google Cloud projects to the allowlist. Our team responds to submitted issues with additional information on a best-effort basis.

To communicate with the Developer Preview Program team, use these issue templates:

Apply to join the program

Submit the following form to send your application for the Google Workspace Developer Preview Program.

Developer Preview Program Terms

(i) I consent to be contacted by Google regarding all current and future features in the program, including in regards to marketing and research opportunities.

(ii) I understand that program features may not be included in public applications prior to the General Availability (GA) announcement.

(iii) By enrolling in the Google Workspace Developer Preview Program, or using Google Workspace APIs, other developer services, and associated software (collectively, "APIs"), I agree to the Google APIs Terms of Service.

(iv) I understand that, for purposes of testing, I may not grant end users access, outside my domain/company, to developer applications that have been built using APIs prior to their GA announcement ("Pre-GA APIs") unless Google specifically states that I can request such permission and such permission has been granted to my Workspace account for that feature. Where permission is granted from publication of Pre-GA APIs, (a) there is no guarantee that such Pre-GA APIs will become GA, (b) such Pre-GA APIs may impact the performance level of developer's applications, and (c) I fully assume the risks associated with sections (a) and (b) of this paragraph.

(v) There may be cases where I can test certain Google features as an end user. I understand that in any such case, the Pre-General Availability Offerings Terms from Section 6 of the Google Workspace Service Specific Terms apply to my use of those Pre-GA Offerings.

(vi) I understand that Google may use any data submitted, stored, sent, or received via any Pre-GA APIs to provide, test, analyze, develop, and improve those APIs in accordance with applicable laws.

(vii) I understand that if I am using the Pre-GA APIs on behalf of a government or regulatory entity (excluding educational institutions), I may only use test or experimental data with Pre-GA APIs and am prohibited from using any "live" or production data in connection with Pre-GA APIs.


(ix) I understand that I should check this application from time to time as I am bound by all updates including updates to the incorporated TOS herein.

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