G Suite Developer Newsletter
October 2016
AdMob Tips
Tips on how to grow your app into a real business
If you've gone from idea to app, the next step is figuring out how to grow your app into a successful business. Our friends at AdMob have compiled case study insights into a great business kit to guide developers on best practices from user acquisition and marketing to app traffic monetization.
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Missed our session at Dreamforce? Watch it here
We joined our friends at Salesforce this past month to unveil our latest integrations. Catch up to the Lightning for Gmail and Sales Cloud and Google Sheets demos by watching our session.
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API news
Launched: New Metrics on Hangouts and Changes to Google+ Activity Metrics—The new Hangouts metrics have been added to the Reports API and can now be used to track video calls by platform. In addition, Hangouts, YouTube Comments, and Photos have been unbundled from core Google+ product usage, so you may see a decrease in overall Google+ usage at your domain.
Launched: External Directory Sharing Setting—In September, we will add two APIs to the recently launched External Directory Sharing Admin console setting. The sharing setting is already enforced in the Google People API, and we will now also enforce it in Google CardDAV API and Google Contacts API v3.
Launched: Gmail API: New Endpoints for Settings—The new feature extends the Gmail API with new endpoints for managing settings such as filters, signatures, out of the office settings, and more.
Launched: Cloud Speech API—The new feature, now in beta, enables users to convert audio into text using standard HTTP GET and POST constructs. The API recognizes over 80 languages and variants, supporting a global user base.
Launched: Cloud Natural Language API—The new feature, now in beta, lets users easily reveal the structure and meaning of their text in a variety of languages. It includes sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and syntax analysis.
Developer news
Google and Salesforce announced Salesforce Lightning for Gmail and Sales Cloud integration with Google Sheets. With these integrations, sales reps can now streamline mission critical tasks and link and edit any Salesforce List View to a Google Sheet.
Intuit QuickBooks Online (QBO) now integrates with Google Single Sign-on and Google Calendar and has published their application to G Suite Marketplace. The application enables faster invoicing with the Google Calendar for QuickBooks app, access to QuickBooks customers in Google contacts list, and tracking billable time on Google Calendar.
Google introduced five new time-saving features designed to speed up and simplify the way Google Apps customers work, including an integration with Slack, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides.
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