October, 2023

Live demo of Duet AI in AppSheet from Next’23

See Alice Keeler, Google Cloud Innovator Champion, give a live demo of Duet AI in AppSheet. Duet AI is our new generative AI colaborator integrated into the core of both Google Workspace and Google Cloud. It can help you write code, analyze security threats, and even develop applications!

Developer News

Introducing Apps Script project history

We are excited to announce the general availability of project history for Apps Script! Find out how you can get started using this feature.

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Google Workspace launches events API to Developer Preview Program

Get an overview of the Google Workspace Events API and see how you can use the API to subscribe to events across Google Workspace.

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Go from idea to app with no coding using AppSheet - Next’23 Session

Organizations around the world use AppSheet to create intelligent business applications that transform how they operate – all with no code. Watch this demo-packed session from Next’23 to discover the latest features and enhancements we’ve added that make app development even more accessible to users of all skill levels.

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Build powerful workflows that integrate with Google Workspace - Next’23 Session

Build on the connectivity and collaboration tools that millions of organizations already use every day with apps integrated with Google Workspace. In this Next’23 session, we’ll share the latest capabilities with Google Workspace and the third-party ecosystem, including updates to smart chips, smart canvas, Google Meet APIs and SDKs, Google Chat apps and APIs, and Duet AI for AppSheet.

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Community Spotlight

Let Bard Answer Your Questions from Google Sheets with the PaLM API and Google Apps Script 

by Aryan Irani

In this blog, you take a look on how to integrate Google Bard inside of your Google Sheets using the PaLM API and Google Apps Script. Use a custom function to call the PaLM API and pass a prompt and get back a response. 

Exploring No-Code, Low-Code, AI, and Google Cloud during the Google DevFest Bootcamp! 

by Kevin Blanco

Are you intrigued by the idea of transforming concepts into fully functional, sophisticated applications, even without extensive coding expertise? Watch this video for a captivating exploration of how No-Code, Low-Code, and AI technologies are driving the next revolution in app development on Google Cloud.

Solutions Spotlight

Time Management: Record time & activities in Calendar & Sheets

Keep track of time spent on projects for customers. You can record your project-related time in Google Calendar, then sync it with Google Sheets to create a timesheet or import your activity into another timesheet management system. You can categorize your time by customer, project, and task.

Working with data in AppSheet

Working with ever-changing datasets can be complicated and complex, but it doesn’t have to be. In this episode of Building with AppSheet, we demo and show you how to utilize AppSheet Slices and AppSheet Workflows - helping you seamlessly filter data and define automated behavior when data is changed. Watch to learn how you can use AppSheet Workflows and AppSheet Slices to streamline your dataset workflows.