September, 2022


Google Workspace platform sessions you can’t miss

Join us for Google Cloud Next from October 11-13 and catch up on the latest updates for the Google Workspace platform.

  • DEVREL1 Top 10 Cloud Technology Predictions

  • COL100 What’s next in productivity and hybrid work

  • COL201 Create modern applications for Google Workspace

  • COL200 Better together: Google Cloud and Google Workspace

  • COL101 How to modernize your frontline workforce w/ Google Workspace

Developer News



Updated Apps Script IDE will replace the legacy experience by Q4 2022

By the end of Q3 2022, we will begin turning down the legacy experience. Beginning Q4 2022, the new IDE will become the default experience with no option to revert.

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AppSheet database feature in public preview

During public preview, access to AppSheet databases is enabled by default for everyone but it will not affect existing apps unless you explicitly add a blank table or connect an AppSheet database inside the AppSheet editor. Use of this public preview feature will be free to everyone but limited to 10k rows per table and 20 tables per database. Note that these limits will change for our public launch.

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Community Spotlight




Google Chat Apps for Google Apps Script Developers by @LifeOfSpy

Google Chat is a really handy business tool for asynchronous communication. But one thing that is often overlooked is that you can add Chat Apps or Chat Bots to your Google Chat Spaces or DM a chat app directly to accomplish tasks conveniently.

In this article, they look at Google Chat Apps and go over the basics of developing a chat app with Google Apps Script.

AppSheet/PayPal integrated payment solutions and tips on handling data in Google Sheets

by @mhawksey

In this post they provide an overview of how PayPal was integrated into AppSheet with the help of Google Apps Script. Even if you are not interested in payment integrations this post also pulls together useful tips, best practices and code patterns for reading/writing data to Google Sheets.

Create a room availability dashboard for Workspace with Apps Script and onleetable by @stephane.giron

In this article they share a script that will generate the room availability data and detail how you can embed it with onleetable within a second to your intranet or simply share the link.

Solutions Spotlight



Admins only: Share resources with new hires

Share resources with incoming employees in one step. This solution uses a form in Google Forms to add new employees to a Google Group. By sharing resources with that group's address, you can easily give new hires access to the resources they need.

Connecting AppSheet to Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL is a fully managed relational database service that allows you to run the same relational databases with their rich extension collections, configuration flags, and developer ecosystem without the hassle of self-management.In this episode of Building with AppSheet, Christian Schalk walks us through how to use Cloud SQL with AppSheet to generate an app using your data!