October, 2022

Google Workspace Developer Summit

Meet us for the Google Workspace Developer Summit and catch up on the latest updates for the Google Workspace platform. This half-day event is intended for Developers and Technology practitioners who want to learn more about building solutions for Google Workspace.

ICYMI, watch the latest updates for developers

Here’s your chance to catch up on what happened at Next ‘22. From our predictions about the Cloud to the latest announcements and updates in building intelligent business apps and solutions.

  • Top 10 Cloud Technology Predictions - watch

  • What’s next in productivity and hybrid work - watch

  • Create modern applications for Google Workspace - watch

  • Better together: Google Cloud and Google Workspace - watch

  • How to modernize your frontline workforce w/ Google Workspace - watch

Developer News

Announcing our new Youtube channel for developers

The Google Workspace Developers YouTube Channel is where developers of all types can learn about building solutions with Google Workspace. Explore the full range of the Google Workspace Platform from Apps Script to Chat Apps to Workspace APIs and more. Leverage Google Workspace's products such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, and many more to customize, integrate, or extend these products with our developer tools.

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Additional Chat APIs now available in the Workspace Developer Preview program

We are excited to announce that there are more APIs now available for Google Chat as part of the Google Workspace Developer Preview Program! If you have already enrolled, you will have access to these new APIs automatically. If you haven't enrolled in the Developer Program as of yet and would like to start building Chat Apps, now is the time!

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Announcing AppSheet databases

AppSheet databases will give users access to an easy to use, first party database for creating and managing data. During public preview, access to AppSheet databases will be enabled by default for everyone but it will not affect existing apps. Use of this feature in public preview will be included at no additional cost in your AppSheet subscription plan, but limited to 10K rows per table, 20 tables per database and 20 databases per user.

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Promote your Marketplace apps with badges

Google Workspace Marketplace badges allow developers to promote their published Marketplace applications on their own websites. Upon clicking, users are taken directly to the Marketplace application listing, where they can review application details, privacy policy, terms of service, and more. These users are then able to securely install applications directly from the Marketplace.

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Community Spotlight

Build a Currency Converter Google Chat App with Apps Script by @LifeOfSpy

In this post, you build a Currency Converter Google Chat App with Google Apps Script. This tutorial is a multi-media series containing step-by-step video instructions for each stage of the process along with code snippets for each stage, important links and some further details on the more unusual parts of the code.

Implementing Pseudo 2FA for Web Apps using Google Apps Script by Tanaikech

In this post they introduce a method for implementing a pseudo 2FA for Web Apps deployed with “Anyone” using Google Apps Script.

Unfurl Twitter links in Google Chat by @choraria

TwiLinks is a Chat app built using Apps Script. Preview tweets and user data when sharing links, along with the ability to follow a specific user or like a particular tweet, like us @workspacedevs.

Solutions Spotlight

Event Planning: Create a sign-up for sessions at a conference

Create an end-to-end event registration system. If you have an event coming up, like a conference, you can set up a new calendar for conference sessions, create a sign-up form, and automatically email attendees personalized itineraries.

Preparing your Google Sheet for AppSheet

Google Sheets is a great way to keep your data organized and shareable across your organization. However, did you know that AppSheet can automate data collection and organization into a single app? In this episode of Building with Appsheet, Google Developer Advocate Christian Schalk discusses some best practices for prepping your Google Sheet for use with AppSheet. Watch to learn how you can best prepare your Google Sheet to work with AppSheet!