February, 2022

Google Chat app framework for Node.js

The Developer Relations team has released a new experimental library to aid building Google Chat apps with Node.js. This new library is lightweight, portable, and reduces boilerplate code so you can focus on the parts of your chat app that matters most.  Learn more at the project's GitHub repository.

Developer News

How to build approval apps with AppSheet

Our AppSheet video series spotlights app ideas and Google Workspace integrations for common use cases, like inventory management, visitor check-in, & more. In this latest example, building an approvals app to keep track of your organization’s approval workflow is quick and easy with AppSheet, Google’s no-code development platform. 

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Quickstart: Create an add-on in any coding language

In this quickstart you’ll create a simple Google Workspace Add-on in Google Cloud Functions without using Apps Script. Google Workspace Add-ons are customized applications that integrate with Google Workspace applications such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. 

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Community Spotlight

How to retrieve Company info in Google Sheets with Clearbit and Apollo API

This community post comes from Alexis Laporte. Learn how to create custom functions in Google Sheets, use the Clearbit API, and use the Apollo API to get company details.

Building successful Add-ons for Google Workspace

The Google Workspace Marketplace offers users and administrators alike a wide variety of third party solutions that extend Google Workspace. In this episode, they chat with two purveyors of well-known add-ons to hear what it takes to create a thriving business in the world of Google Workspace Add-ons.

Meet Sourabh Choraria, Google Cloud Champion Innovator, Google Workspace @choraria

Sourabh is based out of Bangalore and is a self proclaimed Google Apps Script junkie.  He loves pizza, automations, cycling, workarounds, and documentation. Check out his projects.

Solutions Spotlight

Todoist for Gmail

Finally, get to inbox zero by adding emails to Todoist and take action on them later. Remember to follow up on those emails by adding due dates, reminders, and priorities from within Todoist.

Shared Contacts for Gmail

Add sharing capabilities to your Gmail inbox with this add-on. See and update contact info, add notes and comments, and share any email sender or recipient with your team without leaving your inbox.