August, 2022

Google Workspace Platform spotlights at Next ‘22

Join us for Google Cloud Next from October 11-13 and hear the latest on the Google Workspace Platform. This year, we're kicking off Next with 24 hours of live content broadcasting from five cities around the globe—from Sunnyvale to Bengaluru.

Sessions on:

  • Supercharging Google Workspace with Google Cloud

  • Building modern applications using Google Workspace

  • Modernizing frontline workers with Google Workspace

  • Plus community driven sessions for Cloud Innovators

Developer News

Chat dialogs in-stream

Dialogs are windowed, card-based interfaces that Chat apps open to interact with users. Dialogs are useful for many types of user interactions, including collecting information from users, authenticating users with Web services and configuring Chat app settings. Check out this guide to see how to implement dialogs for your Chat app.

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Creating Google Workspace Chat Apps

Teams and organizations are shifting to Google Chat as their primary way to stay connected and collaborate in real time, giving developers the unique opportunity to build Chat-integrated Google Workspace apps to help their users do more. In this session, we’ll discuss use cases for Chat apps, the architectural options you can choose from, and how to get started building your own.

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Drive Labels API

Labels are metadata you define to help users organize, find, and apply policy to files in

Google Drive. Common uses for this API are;

classifying content to follow an information governance strategy, apply policy to items in Drive, or create labels to increase searchability.

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Developer Preview Program

Apply to join the Google Workspace Developer Preview Program to get early access to certain features. This program gives you the chance to shape the final stages of feature development with feedback, get pre-release support, and have your integration ready for public use on launch day.

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Solutions Spotlight

Send personalized appreciation certificates with Sheets and Slides

The script uses the Employee Certificate presentation template from Slides and a Sheets spreadsheet with the employee details. The script copies the template and replaces the placeholders with data from the spreadsheet. Once the script creates a slide for every employee, it extracts each individual slide as a PDF attachment and sends the certificates to the employees.

Mailmeteor joins the Recommended for Google Workspace program

Mailmeteor is an email marketing platform that enables Gmail and Google Workspace users to send personalized mass emails. With advanced features and an intuitive interface, you can manage, schedule, and automate email campaigns like a pro.