April, 2022

Announcing the Apps Script connector for AppSheet

The Apps Script connector for AppSheet now makes it possible to call Apps Script code functions from a no-code AppSheet app. This greatly extends the abilities of AppSheet apps by letting them access the power that Apps Script provides. For example, an AppSheet app can now use Apps Script to automate workflows with Google Workspace using the Workspace APIs for Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Admin SDK, and more – as well as other Google services like YouTube, Google Analytics, and BigQuery.

Must see Google Workspace Platform sessions

Join us for Google I/O 2022. Connect with experts, get inspired, and expand your knowledge. From no-code platforms to automated Chat applications, the team has put together an informative and educational set of sessions to get you up to date with the Google Workspace Platform.


The cloud built for developers: Learn how Google Cloud and Workspace teams are building cloud services to help developers and technologists create transformative applications.


Learn how to enable shared experiences across platforms: Explore how to enable shared experiences across platforms (Android, iOS, web).

What's new in the world of Google Chat apps: Integrate services with Google Chat, explore visual improvements to Google Chat apps, and discover new Google Chat API features.

Extending Google Workspace with AppSheet’s no-code platform and Apps Script: Learn how to configure the new Apps Script Connector in your AppSheet apps.

Conversational AI for business messaging: Create messaging experiences for consumers on Google Search and Maps using Google's Business Messages.


Building AppSheet apps with the new Apps Script connector: Building connected AppSheet and Apps Script apps using AppSheet’s new Apps Script connector.

Developer News

Getting started is the hardest part: Find inspiration with Apps Script samples

Google Apps Script is a hosted JavaScript development environment that makes it easy for anyone to build custom business solutions across several Google products. Figuring out where to begin can be a hurdle for such an expansive tool, so we've recently released 10 new inspirational sample solutions to help you get started.

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Develop add-ons to attach files to Calendar events

Google Workspace developers can now create Google Workspace add-ons that attach files to a Google Calendar event from any third-party service. This feature enables developers to create add-ons that support attachments from a wide range of sources beyond Google Drive, such as digital whiteboard, content creation, or file management tools.

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Solutions Spotlight

Get stock price drop alerts using Apps Script

List your stocks in a Google Sheets spreadsheet and get email alerts if a stock price drops below its purchase price.

How to build space booking apps with AppSheet

For organizations with a hybrid work model, managing and booking space is quick and easy with AppSheet, Google’s no-code development platform.