October, 2021

See what’s new in Google Workspace

Join in for an interactive demo from Google Cloud Next ‘21 and see the latest Google Workspace innovations in action. As the needs of our users shifted over the past year, we’ve delivered entirely new experiences to help people connect, create, and collaborate—across Gmail, Drive, Meet, Docs, and the rest of the apps. You’ll see how Google Workspace meets the needs of different types of users with thoughtfully designed experiences that are easy to use and easy to love, Then, we’ll go under the hood to show you the range of ways to build powerful integrations and apps for Google Workspace using tools that span from no code to professional grade.

Recap on the Google Workspace Platform 

ICYMI, Next ‘21 aired on October 12-14 and here are some awesome playlists from Google and the community for sessions covering the Google Workspace platform. 

Playlist: Workspace for Developers & Creators

by Charles Maxson, Developer Advocate, Google Cloud

Playlist: Hands-on Qwik Labs 

by Charles Maxson, Developer Advocate, Google Cloud

Playlist: Workspace

by Laura Taylor, @techstreams, Google Cloud Champion Innovator, Google Workspace

Playlist: Automation, Machine learning & Google Workspace

by Ivan Kutil, @ivankutil, Google Cloud Champion Innovator, Google Workspace

Developer News

Developer Platform State of the Union: Google Workspace

Google Workspace offers a comprehensive developer platform to support every developer who’s on a journey to customize and enhance Google Workspace. In this Google Cloud Next ‘21 session, take a deeper dive into the new tools, technologies, and advances across the Google Workspace developer platform that can help you create even better integrations, extensions, and workflows. 

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Announcing the Google Forms API

Google is proud to announce the Google Forms API! The Forms API is currently available in Restricted Beta, with Open Beta expected to follow in Q4. The new Google Forms API provides programmatic access for managing forms and acting on responses, empowering developers to build powerful integrations on top of Forms. 

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Latest Google Workspace Marketplace updates for developers

Google Workspace Marketplace is proud to announce the availability for developers to display pricing for their applications published and the date their application listing was last updated.  We also added a new category to showcase the “Editor’s choices”.

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Announcing Google Cloud Innovators community

Community building is one of the most effective ways to support developers, which is why we created Google Cloud Innovators.This new community program is designed for developers and technical practitioners using Google Cloud and we welcome everyone, from enterprise developers and data scientists to student developers and hobbyists. 

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Community Spotlight

DocuSign Developer Conference, Oct 26-27

We’ll be at the inaugural DocuSign Developer Conference, come join us, we’ll have some new things to share at the session on "Building a DocuSign Apps Script Library with Google Cloud", Oct 27th @ 10:00 AM PT.

Sending Multiple Emails using Batch Request with Gmail API using Google Apps Script by Tanaikech

This is a sample script for sending multiple emails using the batch request with Gmail API using Google Apps Script.

Meet Laura Taylor, Google Cloud Champion Innovator, Google Workspace


Laura Taylor is based in the US and is a Senior Software Engineer with 20+ years of experience providing customized technical solutions to help Small Business, Education and Non-Profit automate workflows and drive productivity.

Solutions Spotlight

Automagical Forms

Automagical Forms generates text and multiple choice questions from your Google Doc or PDF and creates a Google Form with just 1 click, no copy & pasting! Collect form data better by using Google Forms. 


The LumApps Publish add-on allows you to collaborate in documents and post them as LumApps articles or community post when you are ready to publish to your organization while keeping formatting intact and images clean.