Extending Drive with Google Workspace Add-ons

Google Drive provides a cloud-based storage solution for Google Workspace files and other user data. Managing data in Drive can be a time-consuming task.

You can save time and effort for your users by extending Google Drive with Google Workspace Add-ons. When you build a Google Workspace Add-on, you can define custom interfaces that are inserted directly into Google Drive, exactly where the user needs them. These interfaces help automate Drive tasks, present additional information to the user, or let the user interact with a third-party system without having to switch to a new browser tab.

Google Workspace Add-ons can define the following kinds of extensions within Google Drive:

  • Non-contextual homepages
  • Contextual interfaces that appear when users select items in the Google Drive interface.

See what you can make

Google Workspace Add-ons are built using Apps Script, and their interfaces defined using the Apps Script Card service. See Building Google Workspace Add-ons for an overview. Google Workspace Add-on behavior is configured using a manifest, which includes Drive-specific sections.

When configuring your Google Workspace Add-on to extend Google Drive, you must decide what interfaces to create for your add-on and what actions it can take. See the following guides for more information: