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Jadilah Duta Women Techmakers!

Banner yang mengumumkan pembukaan pendaftaran Duta Women Techmakers. Banner tersebut menampilkan latar belakang biru dengan garis putih yang berisi ilustrasi megafon biru dan teks 'The Ambassadors Applications are live' di samping logo Women Techmakers.

Bergabunglah dengan kami dan Bangun Dunia Teknologi yang Berkembang untuk Perempuan!

We're looking for passionate leaders to join our global network of Women Techmakers Ambassadors. Ready to make a difference?

What you'll do:

  • Organize events, speak at conferences, or create content to inspire others.

  • Mentor the next generation of tech leaders.


  • Network: Connect with hundreds of like-minded women worldwide.

  • Lead with Google's support: Organize events, speak, create content, or mentor – all with Google's backing.

  • Upskill: Gain knowledge through exclusive Google talks and workshops.

  • Get recognized: Shine a light on your achievements and contributions.

Are you the ideal candidate?

  • You have 1+ years of experience running community activities (events, workshops, etc.).

  • You have a background in technology and an interest in Google's offerings.

  • You're passionate about achieving gender equity in tech.

RSVP untuk Ambassadors Academy Leadership Series.

Orsolya, Duta Women Techmakers dengan rambut merah, tersenyum percaya diri di depan kamera. Gambar ini mempromosikan acara berjudul 'The Recipe to Confidence' yang diselenggarakan oleh Women Techmakers.

Tingkatkan kepercayaan diri Anda: Resep kesuksesan! πŸ“ˆπŸ’ͺ

Join us for a free session led by Orsolya Batiz, Software Engineer at Google. In this 45-minute workshop, you'll unlock the secrets to building confidence in the workplace.

πŸ“… May 3rd, 2024 πŸ•’ 9:00 am

Yang Terjadi di Google

Grafik animasi yang menampilkan bentuk geometris warna-warni yang berputar dan teks 'Saatnya untuk I/O. Daftar untuk mendapatkan berita, info terbaru, dan inovasi AI dari Google.' Logo Google I/O muncul dengan warna hitam di sudut kiri bawah.

Detail program Google I/O kini sudah tayang!Β 

Get a sneak peek at this year’s 150+ sessions and learning content covering mobile, web, multiplatform development, and more!

Google for Startups: Pendiri Wanita

Sekelompok perempuan dari beragam latar belakang terlibat dalam percakapan.

Memperkenalkan kelompok 5o Google for Startups Akselerator!

From healthcare to HR to predicting agricultural supply chain disruptions, these startups are all using data-driven insights, and leveraging the power of AI and ML to solve complex challenges in their industries. We can’t wait to work alongside them over the next 10 weeks and help accelerate their growth journey.

Seorang wanita dengan penuh perhatian mendengarkan wanita lain berbicara,sambil tersenyum.

Workshop Manajemen Waktu

Join the Google for Startups Women Founders for a time management workshop and master your schedule to unlock your full potential! This workshop will equip you to carve out essential time for deep thinking, recuperation, and tackling your priority projects.recuperation, and priority projects.

πŸ“… May 16th, 2024 πŸ•’ 9:00 am (PST)

 Banner untuk podcast People of AI yang menampilkan logo dan foto tamu episode di sebelah kanan.

Pelajari Gemma: Podcast The People of AI ️

Listen to the People of AI Podcast for a fascinating episode featuring Kathleen Kenealy, a Software Engineer at Google DeepMind, renowned for her research on the next generation of large language models.

Tune in to discover insights into the future of AI and the transformative role Gemma plays in shaping it

Badge melingkar dengan teks 'Build with AI' dalam huruf putih dengan latar belakang geometris hitam dan kuning.

Bangun Dengan AI di Discord.

The Build With AI community has officially moved to Discord, becoming your central hub for all things AI discussions and chats!

Excited to participate in online Build With AI events? Look no further than the Events section within the Google Developer Community server on Discord. All virtual events organized by Google developers as part of this campaign will be listed there, making it easy for you to find and join!

Join the Discord server here and dive into the world of AI with a passionate community!

Logo Google AI Hackathon

Bentuk masa depan dengan AI Generatif di Google AI Hackathon.

Craft innovative applications using Google's powerful tools. Artists, writers, and coders can all join – design anything from stunning visuals to cutting-edge tech. Leverage their resources and compete for up to $50,000 in prizes for the most impressive creations, user-friendly apps, and valuable feedback on the tools.

Don't wait, register by May 3, 2024!

Konten Pembelajaran Segar untuk Meningkatkan Keterampilan Anda!

Ilustrasi seorang perempuan sedang bekerja menggunakan komputer. Berbagai ikon yang mewakili konsep kecerdasan buatan mengelilinginya.

Grow with Google: Dasar-Dasar AI Google

Looking to get hands-on experience with generative AI tools? Learn from experts at Google and get essential AI skills to boost your productivity with Google AI Essentials, zero experience required!

Badge melingkar yang menampilkan ilustrasi tanaman berwarna biru.

Pelajari cara menggunakan alat digital untuk mencari pekerjaan

Mulai pembelajaran

Conduct a successful job search using digital tools with this free course from Grow with Google.

Logo Gemini

Tur Gemini Code Assist (sebelumnya Duet AI) untuk Developer

Mulai pembelajaran

Get familiar with how you can use Gemini Chat and inline code assistance to generate code, understand code and more.

 Ilustrasi diagram Venn dengan tiga lingkaran 3D yang tumpang tindih pada latar belakang hijau. Lingkaran-lingkaran terhubung dengan tombol vektor pada titik yang tumpang tindih.

Membangun aplikasi web arsitektur modern tiga tingkat dengan Cloud Run

Mulai pembelajaran

Learn how to build a multi-tier web application with a Golang backend running on Cloud Run and using a CloudSQL database.

Sorotan Duta

Every month, we spotlight the contributions WTM Ambassadors are making to their community. Get inspired by their stories and successes.

Temui Duta WTM Sarwat ✨

Potret Sarwat, seorang perempuan Pakistan, yang tersenyum di depan logo Google.

Electrical engineering grad, Sarwat found her passion in data science through community work and curiosity. By graduation, she had a strong network and a clear vision, thanks to a supportive community. She's also the Co-Manager for Google Developer Groups (GDG) Islamabad.

In 2023, Sarwat and her team made a significant impact through their International Women's Day conference, which featured the intersex and specially-abled communities as attendees and speakers. The event was the first of its kind in the region, gaining recognition from 35 local and international publications, exemplifying the kind of lasting impact they strive for.

For women and girls in tech, Sarwat offers a powerful message: Persistence and self-belief are key. Ignore negativity, focus on your goals, and remember – your biggest competition is your past self. Be your own cheerleader!

Peta Kisah Women Techmakers

Peta yang menampilkan jaringan global Duta Women Techmakers, yang diilustrasikan sebagai beragam kelompok orang yang diposisikan di peta sesuai dengan negaranya masing-masing.

Dapatkan inspirasi dari kisah Duta WTM di seluruh dunia!

Google Maps Platform and Women Techmakers launched a first-of-its-kind interactive story map on International Women's Day. Explore the inspiring journeys of WTM Ambassadors worldwide! New stories are added as the program grows, making it a lasting source of empowerment.

Foto Nikiya tersenyum ke kamera.

Kisah Sukses Google Cloud: Nikiya's Journey

Introducing Nikiya Simpson, a Master student, a full stack engineer, and a mom of three out of Little Rock Arkansas. Watch this Google Cloud Credentials Success Story video to hear her discuss how the Women Techmakers Ambassadors program played a key role in her path to becoming a Google Cloud certified full-stack engineer.

Pojok Duta

Dive into the Ambassadors Corner – your gateway to content, resources, and open doors to contribute, volunteer, or work with WTM Ambassadors across the globe

  • Polina Ruvinsky (US) launched Hype HQ, a platform for women to build visibility for their initiatives and support each other! Get noticed & empower others! Hype HQ is FREE during the beta period!

  • Veruska Anconitano (Portugal) offers a chance to beta test InclusivitEasy, a new multilingual inclusive language checker! Help shape the future of communication & get early access. Sign up here.

  • Loveleen Kaur, Twinkle Mehta, Amanpreet Kaur, Richa Thakur, and Anuradha Chawla (India) led a discussion about the significance of perfection, originality, and soft skills in the tech industry. Witness how they're shaping the future of tech at Lovely Professional University. Watch the recap here.

⏩ Barangkali Anda melewatkannya

Banner acara: 'Memulai di Bidang AI' pada Rabu, 24 April 2024 pukul 09.00 Waktu Pasifik. Ashley, seorang perempuan berambut terang, ditampilkan di sisi kanan banner dengan judulnya di bawah fotonya.

Melewatkan Acara Keanggotaan terbaru bersama Ashley OldACL?

Don't worry, you can still experience it! Relive the conversation where Ashley dives deep into the exciting world of AI, especially for women who are curious to explore its potential.

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