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WTM Ambassador Academy

Technical interviews are a standard part of getting a job in tech. But how do you know when you're ready to ace one? Join us on September 12 for a workshop ideal for those newer to a career in tech to learn what to expect in a technical interview, how to prepare, and how to stay motivated!

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WTM Membership Event

Join Neha Joshi, Data and Analytics Practice Lead at Google Cloud, on September 13 for an evening of insights and laughs! Hear about Neha's real-life experiences, making smart choices, and using setbacks as learning opportunities. It's going to be an evening of insights, laughs, and maybe a few facepalms.

⏯ In case you missed it...

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Relive the extraordinary conversation we had with Google Machine Learning Products expert, Priya Ponnapalli and learn how to leverage these power of AI and ML technologies for innovation.

What's Happening at Google

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Meet the new cohort of Women Founders for the Google for Startups Accelerator!

From healthcare to retail to HR and recruiting, these startups are all using data-driven insights, and leveraging the power of AI and ML to solve complex challenges in their industries. We can’t wait to work alongside them over the next 10 weeks and help accelerate their growth journey. Learn more about the cohort here

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Join a global network of more than 1,000 professionals!

Google Developers Experts (GDE) is a community of talented professional developers and leaders who are passionate about sharing their knowledge on Google's technology with developer and startup ecosystem.

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Women Founders: Strategic Storytelling Workshop

Persuasive and convincing storytelling is an essential skill for any entrepreneur. Join the Google for Startups Women Founders on September 14 for a storytelling workshop led by Jeremy Neuner, an expert storyteller who will share his insights on how to craft and deliver persuasive stories.

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Google for Startups Accelerator: Cloud Demo Day

Save your seat for the virtual celebration of the accomplishments of the 12 selected startups in our latest cohort. Hear from the founders of these innovative startups as they share their stories and insights on how they are using Google Cloud technology to solve complex challenges.

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No-cost Google Cloud skills with the Summer Learning List!

Our courses feature digital transformation, infrastructure and application modernization, security and ops, and more! Get direct access to Google Cloud in labs for things like an intro to the basics to BigQuery to sustainability.

Community Highlights

Every month, we spotlight the contributions WTM Ambassadors are making to their community. Get inspired by their stories and successes.

Meet WTM Ambassador Eliška

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If we could use one work to describe Eliška, our long-time WTM ambassador and GDG lead, and her journey we would say: inspiring. Here are 3 significant moments in Eliška's journey

  • Her first Global WTM summit in the US, almost a decade ago. Eliška was spellbound by the energy and passion radiating from fellow women in tech. For her: "it was more than just an event; it was a life-altering experience that opened my eyes to a community of strong, like-minded individuals." Discovering the WTM community gave her the confidence and helped her to feel like she belonged in the industry.

  • Organizing her local GDG chapter's first WTM event. The high demand for WTM events was both surprising and enlightening: it made her realize that "endorsing and supporting programs like WTM was more than just a noble cause – it was a strategic move" and it can really move the needle for companies that want to attract and retain top female talent.

  • Being a speaker - and becoming a mom! The third standout moment came at a particularly personal juncture in Eliška's life, as she was about to welcome her first child. However, being chosen as a speaker at the European WTM Summit was a reminder that she had a strong community behind her. This experience helped her to see that her contributions could take different forms and still have an impact.

To summarize in her own words: “Women Techmakers has made be not only better technologist but a better human being." Thank you, Eliška! Women Techmakers is a better program because of you

Madonna, a Black woman, stands in a power pose with a confident smile on her face. She is wearing a blue and white striped blouse.

WTM Ambassador Madona is the first Black woman to write an Android technical book

The book, "Modern Android 13 Development Cookbook: Over 70 recipes to solve Android development issues and create better apps with Kotlin and Jetpack Compose", was recently launched to help people build exceptional Android applications and wearables with concise guided recipes and support the new foldable technology by using the latest Jetpack libraries

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